Switzerland African Festival Basel

located on the boarders of France and Germany adding to the crowd a rich mix of Africa and Europe


Zimlink was invited to take part in the first International African Festival in Basel Switzerland. A city located on the boarders of France and Germany adding to the crowd a rich mix of Africa and Europe. The event was well planned and executed on a professional level, food and music from north south east and west Africa. special live musical performances from West Africa, Jamaica and Brazil.

MR Jeges Sunny AND Ismail Hassan two of the organisers from Nigeria and Somalia respectively showed us just what Switzerland has to offer! Jeges Sunny’s ethos of putting back into the community and cross nation cooperation shone through. This festival was truly an African Union.

“African unity is at the heart of a future world not just Africa. Events like the one today builds and expands the dialogue within the diaspora.  As Africans we have a huge responsibility to create and drive this message of unity and love to a world, too often distracted by greed and personal gain. Africa is the future not just for the peoples of Africa but for a world that is crying out for change.”

Zac Darkes Zimlink founder




We had the pleasure to do a brief interview with talented Designer Natascha Schmucki. One of the new stars of global fashion, Natascha an accomplished designer and studying architecture in her spare time, whist running a growing design business. A good example of the next generation of strong vibrant African and European women who will lead the world in future years.



Zimlink as always proud to be supporting Mr Tony Fernandez for one of the highlights of the festival an award ceremony. Africa4u Mr Fernandez’s international recognition ceremony for Africans in the diaspora, is a project Zimlink has supported and promoted for the last 6 years underwriting the awards.

Next year offers to be bigger and better planning is already underway Zimlink is looking forward to playing a bigger part in representing Zimbabwe to Switzerland and beyond.


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