Blog Review: Stereo Guru, Rising Music Blog With Unique Agenda

From Left :Clive November, Charles Wordz-Myth Kaemba, Naison Amplifaya Ngoma, and Tafadzwa The KrewKid Sharaunga


From Left :Clive November, Charles Wordz-Myth Kaemba, Naison Amplifaya Ngoma, and Tafadzwa The KrewKid Sharaunga

I was just networking over the weekend and i happened to stumble on this original blog hosted on a blogspot called Stereo Guru (visit it from here). Stereo Guru is a blog that talks about Zimbabwean music, visual art and street language. It is the mastermind of Clive November, Charles WordzMyth Kaemba, Naison Amplifaya Ngoma, and Tafadzwa The KrewKid Sharaunga.

I was quite fascinated by a post titled Sasa park which taught me the average street slang in Harare, I hope they will continue to update me because as we all know, slang can be a tool for exclusion purposes (Read page here). They also featured a kid with a picture of a bicycle with a subwoofer (see it here if you think I am lying) in their art-effects section which basically feature visual art. Like every other music blog they also review music but what i like is that they did not ignore the other elements of culture associated with music. Slang and music go together, the subwoofer bicycle is inspired by the love of music.

This blog is just by regular indivisuals with a vision. “We are the ordinary person you meet everyday, but we have a voice that speaks on the real issues…..Send us your moments, stuff you think people will like from your music, pictures, video clips anything that rocks” They are very open to submissions and my advice is when you do start sending links. Send your links with a short write up that will assist the blogger on background information, that’s the difference bettween the artist who gets covered immediately and the one whose review comes after a long wait.

Most of our blogs have ignore graffiti artist and such creative guys who contribute to music as a whole. i still think more can be done with widgets and page on the blog , but i like bloggers ability to fit on mobile. I recommend a logo and banner so that those who appreciate the outside look first may come and enjoy the masterpiece that is being created by these young minds.

Please go and check it out, leave comments and help them spread their vision.


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