Open Letter By Amvis AMG Regarding The Leak


We are writing this letter to inform
members of the public ,fans and
artists alike that we as AmvisAMG and the wholeteam behind us we are in no way shape or form connected with thisapparent
gimmick that was pulled on our
Amvis Baby page. The MMT Leak.

We have no idea on who illustrated thiswhole leak business. Our music was used in this elaborate scheme making the HipHop community look at us as theperpetrators of this elaborate hoax.

The perp in question of this
gimmick must want AmvisAMG and the Rehab label to start beefing because of the Control track
that we dropped a few weeks
ago directed at a few of the labels

Looking on the other side of the
coin. It only goes to show that the zim fans do not stand behind their word when they say Support local HipHop. So many people were quick to download the
MMT Leak LP soon as the link was
uploaded on our page and shared.
Soon after finding that it wasn’t the MMT LP inside the RAR file they quickly startedpointing fingures at us saying its wrong and unacceptable that we would
use our music in this scam making
it seem as if Amvis was behind this.
Our music was used without our
consent. HipHop is a competition
but such acts are uncalled for and the person behind it all is a coward.
*Double standards on their part.*
We stand behind our word and say
as AmvisAMG we did not play a part in this gimmick AMVISAMG.



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