A Kid Wit No Tag Drops Website And E.P


South African based producer and Zimbabwean rapper  A Kid Wit No Tahg has raised the bar for independent artists by dropping a website and an E.P (Same Kid Different Space) { get it here ]at the same time. The site has a very hip-hop look with quick links to free download. I guess the serious heads in Zim hip-hop are growing, you never find this guy ranting about what the industry should do for him. Silently he was making an E.P, silently he was planning a website.  When you finally see this boy getting press coverage you think uh-oh he bribed them… no this is news worthy.

akid3You will also find related artists in his blog area and an online store which sells clothing by A.T.R.S (A traditionally Rooted Society). The artist has managed to monetize the relevance of his website by so doing and as soon as his audience catches on he could be in for a large following and major bucks. While you may think he is only doing this in the tweets and ignoring the streets.  A tour page will tell you he means business. In something known as “Ipai Munhu Uyu Dollar Tour” which means “Give This person A Dollar Tour”. So you should probably go and give this guy a dollar or more. Yes let’s not hate let’s go out there and give him a dollar but some of these lazy rappers will only ever deserve a slap to wake them from their slumber. Some people are grinding out here and the only time they on the grind is when they take maize meal to chigayo.

And if you still think that’s weak, what if I told you he has a lyrics + decoded page. Great concept, I like that. No artist wants  people to misinterpret his lyrics especially cryptic guys like him. Of course he is a Jay-Z fan and you haters gonna be like he took the concept… well you didn’t begin rap either. He needs a decoded page because he can say some deep stuff without even writing. More and more artists are beginning to harness the power of a website as we are settling in the information age. I think most people to avoid the cost of running a self hosted site may consider owning a blog. Yes more and more artist are doing great while some roaches are all up in other rappers business >:( . Munyare wo, hamunyari?

I say to my fellow emcee and producer… Congratulations on your site launch. I want you to go out there and be amazing. Then those who found themselves being continually dissed by this article, please note that it is my duty to wake you up from slumber.  Zim hip-hop is in good shape.

Here is the link for everyone to see http://akidwitnotahg.com/


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