“Mainstream And Underground Forgot Hip-hop” – Mizchif


Big Miz

So I had an interview last week with Mizchif , one of the great pioneers of Zimbabwean hip-hop, managed to ask him a few relevant questions which he humbly responded to.

So, how did the name Mizchif come to being?

Miz: The name Mizchif was given by teachers cause I was always up to something in class, now I was quiet but mischievous hence Musikanzwa in Shona so I translated it to Mizchif.

You must have been a pain huh, but when did you start doing Mizchif with lyricism. You are celebrated in Zimbabwe for that, but when and how did it begin?

It began in New York where we lived for 6yrs as a family, my father was finishing school, that was in 1989, I fell in love with Salt n Pepa (imagine), I used to copy their lyrics and do their songs until I did mine

That’s amazing. So what would you say have been your greatest break through or notable achievement in Hip-hop.

‘Fashionable’, my first single that came out in 1999 when hip hop was not recognized, but it became very successful, ‘Place For A Wife’ with the late TK & ‘Wonderful World’, other achievement was surviving an industry at the time that did not recognize hip hop music.

Great achievements there. I understand you were in South Africa and I’ve heard rumours you were one of the first to perform hiphop with a live band. How far true is this?

Thanks, in fact I was the 1st, it was an all white band and they hailed from Pretoria (very Afrikaner) but loved my sound and we hooked up, they are the white band in the ‘All Da Areas’ video, thanks that’s an achievement I had by passed.

Meaning you have many achievements to write home about. Mizchif the Zim hip-hop industry has grown over the years but currently there is rivalry concerning fairness of radioplay. Some artists have even taken it to the booth to speak out.

What are your views on the whole 1. underground vs mainstream war 2. Do you think DJ’s are really guilty of nepotism or indies aint putting work.

As for underground and mainstream, I have always maintained that when the two mediums were created they forgot the Hip Hop (to me) is a way of life there fore expressed in different forms, the radios are to blame in that they just go with trends to attract more advertising without appreciating the art form, I might wanna talk about the atmosphere 4 a whole song whats wrong with that, Indie start out for it but greed gets in the way specially when an artist is now picked up momentum so the next album they want that artist to follow trends to keep selling records and that fed up.

I’ve never viewed it that way, but it makes logic. So do you have any future projects planned for us?

Yeah man as we speak I’m working on my new collective entitled ‘Still A Legend’, this album goes back to the basics of what made Mizchif a ‘Legend’, old school rhyming with new school producers, so its exciting to make and I’m sure it’ll be exciting to listen to.

We looking forward to that. Which new school producers may we expect on this project. Any features as well?

There is Blue Buttonz, Tash, Myself (production) Take 5. Features are a surprise lol.

Great; to conclude this 3day fb interview. We requesting some  Barz written from you King. Any subject matter.

Legend like the seeker I hate rappin Daharians/

Big Miz raised by

real thugs & rastsfarians/

MCs calm stamina while they dyin stallions/

When they wish awards we gettin medallions/

Send a message via text that um Big Miz nah fi flex/

I hate fake MCs like I hate wack sex/

Wolves live by one rule, watch ones backz…

Dope barz and thank you for taking time to answer our questions. We are moved by your humility. We wish you success in the album.

I am humbled by your interest in Mizchif thanx & God Bless P.S.

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