Could it have been the last call? – Short Story by Patience Ziramba


Could it have been the last call?

“… Good night babes.” His sweet and breath taking voice softly said from the other end of the phone. “Good night.” I responded. He gently sighed and placed down the receiver as I held mine to the ear. It was when he had hung up the phone that I slowly placed my receiver down.

The other part of me wanted to call him back and continue with the conversation but Daniel had said that he would call me tomorrow before leaving town. So I slowly tucked myself to bed and slept peacefully while I cuddled myself. In no time I was deep in slumber.

The peaceful night did not take long before it dawned. It was already morning, a brand new day to mark a new beginning – the tomorrow that Daniel was talking about. He would call me like he promised so I need not worry; this is what I told myself as the day began.

The day swept by and it was already late afternoon and still no call from Daniel. I simply waited patiently for his call which never came. Probably he will call in the next minute or two. As if Daniel was the only caller for that day our phone did no ring for the whole day.

While I sat on the couch, patiently waiting for Daniel to call and as my mind streamed with his thoughts I was interrupted by Tamara. Tamara interrupted my thoughts as she rang the intercom. I rose for it without hesitation and answered excitedly as if I was expecting someone. Tamara was puzzled by this response but I simply gave her the honest answer which she naturally did not believe because my expression communicated something completely different. I wasn’t expecting anyone to ring the intercom but I obviously expected someone to ring the phone.

Tamara and I were the best of friends and we enjoyed being together so in no time we were down to some activity as we played at danced to music. We took time to look at each other’s hair and straightened up a bit just before it was time for me to take Tamara half way home. It was then that I remembered that Daniel had not yet called me but for some reason I just had to wait for his call. I could have tried calling him but I was afraid he could be probably out hence it was best for him to call me as he had promised.

However there was no way I could not take Tamara home. I had to walk my friend half way home. This was a routine I was used to as we did it all the time. Likewise Tamara and I took off for the gate. It was then that the phone rang. I ran for it only to hear that the caller had dialed a wrong number. The call was not for me and the caller was not the expected. “Hello, can I speak to Hazel?” I was disappointed and lazily responded, “I’m sorry sir but you must have dialed a wrong number.” I cannot remember what he said next but it must have been thank you as I had removed the phone from my ear.

Tamara and I continued with our journey as I walked her home. I left her just before she could turn by her street. Daniel had not called me like he had promised and now I did not know where to look for him as he could probably be still by his sister’s flat, on his way home to his parents or already home. Cell phones were playing up and could not be reached by landlines when I actually did not have credit in my phone. I was stuck with no idea on what to do to get to him except to wait for him to call and give me an update on his movements.

The long awaited update finally came but from a different voice now – this time sweet, soft and innocent. Daniel’s little brother called me and broke the news. He had been robbed at gunpoint on his way home. I could not believe what was in my ears. “Thanks Ben.” That was all I could say at that moment. Bernard hung up the phone. Instead I held my receiver in my hand, thinking.

Why had h chosen to go a little late? Why did he not take the kombis? I tried to imagine how he could have been robbed. I tried to pin together what Bernard had told me so as to come up with a complete story. I couldn’t do it. None of it made sense to me. No! It didn’t happen.

A lot of unanswered questions streamed into my mind. Questions on whether the robbers had left him in good condition. Questions of whether I would be able to see him again. It was only last night that I had talked to him and I had spent the day missing him, thinking about him and patiently waiting for his call which did not come. Could last night be the last time I was to hear him speak to me? Did this mean I had lost a friend – a much needed friend? Will I see him again or I had lost him. Lost him without telling how much he means to me. Could it have been the last call? The last call it could have been…

It could have been the last call; the last call leaving so many questions unanswered and so many fantasies inexperienced and so may tales untold. The last call leaving so many feelings unsaid, unexpressed, unfelt. The last call it could have been. So sweet yet so sad. Sad that it could have happened with no goodbyes said. Could it have been the last call…?



© Patience Ziramba

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  1. And He was thinking , how do I start her, does she feel what I feel….. . Deep story, now I know why my friend says ‘shoko garigarire ikoko, (will not keep the it in my word, but will deposit it with her)

    Great piece Patience, but you left us longing for more


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