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Young Harare-based rapper, Karma has just put out his 2nd project in 2013, an album called “Chasing Moments”. This is bound to give other rappers a run for their money as this guy has shown that he works hard.Karma is commonly known for his presenter slot on the popular ZBC TVyouth program called YGT.


The rapper/TV presenter says he has been working on Chasing Moments since January this year, but it was recorded in a space of 3 weeks and in his own words, this is his debut album. “ReinKarnation was just a compilation of singles that I put out, some were released, some were unreleased.” says the 20 year old emcee.  When he was asked about what made the 2 projects different, he responded that on the first one, he was just being experimental whereas on the 2nd project, he was trying to give people the type of music which they know him for. In rap lingo, he was “doing him”. Chasing Moments was released online on the 7th of December 2013. A website was launched specifically for the album and on the site you can find lyrics to the songs and also lyric annotations. Click here  to check out the site.


Check out the track list for Chasing Moments, there is oneeye-catching feature which is in the form of Jamaican international reggae artist Gappy Ranks. Executive production was obviously done by The Mixmasters, the record label to which Karma is signed.However, on the album credits you will find heavyweight names such as Begotten Sun, Metaphysics, Chucknosisand Madzitateguru.


  1. Intro
  2. Zvakunakidza
  3. Baddest ft Gappy Ranks
  4. Chasing Moments
  5. Follow Me
  6. Come Home Sinner What You Waiting For ft Simz 27
  7. Zilluminati ft MiK
  8. Come Closer ft Simz 27
  9. Fallin Innit
  10. All I Need ft Anthony Grey & J-Rokc




Karma says this album was influenced not by an individual, and not by just one situation, but several. There are certain moments in life that leave a mark on your life, some you wish you could have for life and some you wish you had never experienced.The ones you enjoy the most are usually those that sometimes escape you. Do you have what it takes to chase down those moments and own them? Take a listen to Karma’s new album here and see if you can chase your own fleeting moments, or rather fleeing moments. You can also download the full album here .


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