10 Things You may Not Know About Noble Stylz


You may or may not know Noble Stylz of the Masofa Panze fame  (read about it here) but here’s 10 things he thinks you may not know about him. He wrote these himself so forgive us if he has typos in there.

#1 During the 25years i been alive i stayed in,Gweru,Kwekwe,Harare,Gokwe,Masvingo,Kadoma,Mutare but MASVINGO is my homecity hence i am all abt DECENTRALISATION OF THE GAME.

#2..I am the inaugarial winner of the ZIMBA NICE KING OF BARS CONTEST and i am also the 1st winner of the CERTIFIED PLATINUM CYPHER CONTEST..

#3 I got a daughter called Bianca Noreen and she is listed as the EXECUTIVE PRODUCER on my MASOFA PANZE ALBUM

#4 I dropped accounts at school after the teacher wanted to beat me up for writing rhymes during his lecture..if anyone sees Mr. Phiri(teacher) tell him I am a rapper and an ACCOUNTANT NOWWWWWW lol

#5 Munetsi is the only rapper with his voice on my MASOFA PANZE ALBUM…if i was to re-do the album he will still be the only one to be on my 1st album.

#6…I never drink before a recording or show I don’t want to credit beer for any of my success or blame it for my mistakes.

#7 I was part of a clique called CHAOS INT with my rhyme partner BLUDGE(now credo) and we did a song called Touchscreen with Maskiri 4 years ago

#8 I wrote and recorded the LIGHTS OUT freestyle on B.suns beat in 37mins..downloading the beat going to the lab writing bars recording mixing mastering and uploading all took 1hr 51mins.

#9 I saw Pauline from Mafriq for the 1st time when i was 14..i told my brother that,”I wanna &$3@ Pauline” and his reply was “me too shaaaa” hahaahaa

#10 I never call anyone a FAN I don’t believe in fans i believe in a Family that relates to and support your art…I will always have a BIG FAMILY NEVER FANS.

Its all true

I’m sure you now have a bit of background knowledge about an artist you love or hate. Those who like his music, you can now derive inspiration from this and those who hate him now have material to put in diss records.  Continue to support our blog, we are nothing without a readership. Creatives post here and want to be read. like our page for updates on the go http://fb.me/zimlinkm4y


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