Poetry by Powell Millar : #Lovestoned


let’s welcome Powell Miller’s first contribution to Zimlink. he is a young upcoming writer who i believe can go a long way if he continues to study the art. Expression is very important in society and best believe Zimlink is working hard to get these young ones heard. Like our page Zimlink.

It’s a windswept fact;
Lovestoned she got me and it’s a ceaseless feeling which sometimes;
Scares me but not literally appalling,
It’s a ceaseless feeling which only she can bring to overwhelm every ounce of me
A feeling which can capsize my world and return it to its former state again
I swear she’s overpowering both in the physical and spiritual realm,
Her presence is that of a ruling Queen she’s too strong for me to call;
Her my princess,

This love escalates with equivalence on a mutual basis with each day,
No intentions of appeasing the feeling coz its even,
Her fundamental nature is so rare it makes the truth bare she got me Lovestoned,
Her ESTEEM is what you DEEM ethereal,
Her eccentric freakish side is only meant for my presence,her sublime
ways are enchanting she got me giving all i have.

A silent morning but only chirping birds,
My silent life but only your sweet voice echoing in all parts of my world,
She got me Lovestoned and I’m afraid its a ceaseless feeling,
Multiple heartbeats in fractions of a single second to the site of
your smile I doubt this feeling will ever change,
Lovestoned she got me a hazy blurry vision surrounded by other females,
All I see her so believe me when I say she got me LOVESTONED#


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