Tanyaradzwa Masaire “Vanadis 17” – Victim Of Circumstance- #Poetry


(Tanyaradzwa masaire is a rising female poet… you can read her first contribution to Zimlink here…)


My name is fashion and my surname is disaster,

I’ve been caught on the wrong side of the law in-numerous times,

Because they say I am a repeat offender,

Despite this I still maintain my innocence,

You see I am a victim of circumstance,

I’m a fashion magazine addict- I read vogue and Marie Claire,

I follow trendsetters and my days are spent either scrolling down pages or flipping through pages,

But when I pay a visit to the boutiques,

I’m forced to face heart stopping truths,

When I attempt to buy fashionable dresses it seems they are a size smaller or a size bigger,

And I am forced to rethink my choice and end up gracing the trailers of fashion police,

I’m a human being and just like any woman I yearn to wear a figure hugging dress,

Without having to worry about bulging love handles,

I long to lose myself and indulge in fries and a burger,

Without having to worry about my figure,

Or the digits on the scale which always increase in number,

Though the verdict says I am guilty,

I still maintain my innocence,

I am but a victim of circumstance,


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