This poem was inspired by the Moroccan law which allowed a rapist to escape conviction by marrying the victim. Fortunately the law was recently abolished, however the sad reality is that all the women in that country and the world over are still defenseless against these harmful practices irregardless of measures or laws put forward to protect them. All that we can do as people is hope and pray that maybe one day our children will live in a world that is more loving and tolerant of our deferences. It begins with me, it also begins with you, strive to do something today in your own capacity to make this world a better place for its inhabitants.



She was cheated even before the cards were dealt

She was penalized even before the game was played

She was robbed of all that she had  even before she knew all that she possessed

She was born a girl, disadvantaged with a voice never meant to be heard


Hers was a tragedy right form the onset

Hers is a gender that roadblocks all her effort

And that renders her retrogressive even before she makes a start

Hers is a sex that stole her independence

And that silences her voice


Now I sit and wonder…

what kind of sick society

perpetuates senseless violence

and desensitizes its people to inhuman practices?


what kind of world is this that we live in which has no pity for the hurting?

which turns a blind eye to the oppressed

and a deaf ear to those shedding sorrowful tears?


What kind of a people are we who prefer coldness to warmth

who imprison the juvenile victim and allow her victimizer to be the jail keeper?


What kind of a people are we who legalize destructive social norms?

What kind of a world is this which allows immorality to take precedence over purity?

Tell me… what kind of people are we who stand aside and watch as innocence is brutally defiled by lustful desires?


Being a girl child has now become a curse

It’s her against a world from which she is defenseless

Which perpetuates her fragility and weakness

And makes her vulnerable, the prey to monsters who victimize her under duress


Someone, please hear her pleas

Someone, please see her tears

Let her cries not fall on deaf ears

Someone, give her a microphone please

Someone attach a  resonator to her larynx

let her plight be of importance

Someone give her a megaphone please

and let her words be amplified

Someone please of the girl child’s plight sit up and take notice

Open your heart to these requests

I beg you please give her a voice….




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