Fighting Couple causes Me To Sleep At Odd Hours by Mcpotar


Nowadays you can find me amongst those who write soliloquies after midnight on social networks; perhaps searching for a friend who may be awake for chat. Most of my friends that will be up at the time will be blaming it a criminal, a stealer of sleep they call insomnia. However, I wouldn’t say the same for myself. I would wrongly accuse innocent insomnia I blamed her.

My accusation go to one individual ;Power Outage. Power outage is this inconsiderate guy who just descends upon us unexpectedly and as soon as he arrives, Electricity Availability leaves.  Okay he does seem to have a schedule or timetable of some sort but he doesn’t quite stick to it and it looks like he will be giving surprise visits for a whole. He has a tendency of visiting me between the period after work to around 10pm, by then my phone battery will be out and by the time I wake up and that’s when I begin to recharge it and switch on my phone to hundreds of un-replied messages in both my Facebook inbox and whatsapp messenger. At that point the people who I then reply will now be asleep, which makes me look like a lost ghost on Facebook. I do not accuse insomnia; I’d have had enough sleep earlier.

Rumor has it, Electricity Availability is evading Power Outage because he owes him. As soon as power Outage arrives to ask for his money, Electricity availability quickly leaves the room. In fact he leaves the whole neighborhood, he cannot take any chances. He is like a Dad beat daddy who will not pay child maintenance. He seems to be always on the lookout for his ex’ wife’s Power Outage. She has tried many tactics like descending upon us unexpectedly expecting to find him, however he will be long gone. Meanwhile as long as these two do not fix their issue I continue to meet insomniacs at odd hours while my girlfriend sleeps feeling ignored, having gone silent on her last message.

Their fight continues to force me to sleep. Why can’t Electricity Availability just pay the money he owes or why can’t Power Outage just sign it off as a bad debt so I can have normal sleeping times again? I have no idea all I know is wrote this at 1am thanks to that couple.

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