‘Blooming’ Relaxation!


Several medical studies, including The Harvard Home Ecology Study, have revealed that looking at flowers first thing in the morning brings about a feeling of relaxation, cheerfulness and energy throughout the entire day. The magic is in their colours and scents. Just to pick a few:-

a) The scent of lavender flowers has been found to contain compounds that lower the heart rate and blood pressure thus putting you in a relaxed state.

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b) Blue/violet flowers are known as the garden’s harmonisers with their ability to help you feel serene and self-assured.

c) White is seen as being full of hope and promise of a fresh start, therefore, the white varieties of the lilacs and buttercup flowers, to name a few, are seen to have the purity which appeals to the weary, the overwhelmed and the jangled. Their scents are believed to also contain calming compounds which promote a feeling of well being general tranquility.

There are lots of flowers to pick from, so next time you pass by the flower shop pick one or two bouquets of your favourites. Better yet grow your own and pick whenever you choose, or just take the time to sniff or stare!

N.B. Please be mindful that some people may be allergic to certain flowers!!

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