Meet TNT Zimbabwe – Bulawayo based dance group (Covered by Annie Maliki)


TNT DANCE CREW When I was a teen the City of Kings had a dance culture that was spreading like a wild fire. Everyone tried to and loved to dance. Each neighborhood had a dance crew representing them but those crews died out as people grew older and changed careers. The only surviving crew I know of from the mid 2000s is Rolex dance crew. Anyway I recently saw some young men perform at some fashion show and they kept me at the edge of my seat and they go by the name TNT.

TNT BULAWAYOBright, a member of the crew says the crew originates in Botswana. It was formed by a guy called Christopher Mangirodza (he a Zimbabwean that moved with his family during the economic crisis). Christopher came to Zimbabwe for school in 2013 and incorporated his friends and formed a dance crew called TNT Zimbabwe.  The dance crew has 5 members, Bright Dlamini, Elliel Nyangoni, Nkosi Phiri, Keith Kgunutso and Seth Kapenda, whose ages range from 18 to 21.

TNT has performed at The National University of Arts and Technology (NUST) where they were also crowned the best dance crew in the city. They have also performed at the Believers Boppers battle and were crowned Bulawayo’s Best Dance Crew. They are yet to perform at My African Dream( a talent search competition) in Botswana in August.

The crew majors in a dance called krump and their major inspiration is Street Kingdom from the USA.I asked the crew members how their peers when they are in school or on the street and they say people recogmise them as dancers but there are elements of jealousy, but their friends are very supportive. They also put their school work first before dance seeing as our Zimbabwe is an academic country.

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Covered by Annie Maliki.


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