It Is Possible – Short Motivational Speech by Cleophas Matinhari


“It is possible!”, he says.

“We’ve heard that before.”, you say.

“Fact does not become fiction from repetition.”, I say.


In response to popular demand (and I did Google a way to say that phrase in an un-cliche manner but even she was stumped!), Zimlink is glad to bring you more motivation from Mr Cleophas ‘Ceajay” Matinhari. This time in audio format, I’d suggest you plug in your headset, sit back, and invest three minutes into your future. It is possible.


Dear butterfly-yet-in-its-cocoon, the world is waiting for you to come out. It’s not going to wait forever though. So, what’s your hidden talent revealed?


Thank you zimlink family for your continued support! We love to hear your feedback, so do please get in touch and let us know what’s on your mind. Connect with the speaker, and pursue your greatness.


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