Meet Zimbabwe’s Vocal Queen – Sisiyanti Siggs



So I had a whatsapp interview with Sisiyanti Siggs. You may or may not know here but she has some of the most celebrated voices the industry can offer. She is quite big as well but is doing work in South Africa.

Hello; How does the name Sisiyanti come about. Is it your government name?

Hi! No its not my gvt name, it a nickname from my father. Since th time l was 5, he wld call me “sisi auntie”….pish*  hated th name, always caused misunderstandings wth my father each tym he called me by that name. Til today, l am “sisi auntie” to him. So as th sayin goes “if u cant beat them, join them” , l decided to go along wth it (only l pimped th spelling abit)…

Wow lovely, you are sister to fellow emcee Navy Seal and have featured with him on some tracks. Other than you two, do you come from a very musical family?

Yes actually!! My great grandfather was like great musician l was told…he was a songwriter singer among other things..and some of his work is in popular zimbabwean hyme books!  And then my grandfather was also a singer, but he wasnt really in bands and stuff like his father. Then my father is also a gud singer! At church, he sometimes hits them with a piece or two…then there’s me and my brother!!! So yah, we cld a very musical family.

Great, so I know you have worked with a chain of names but would you list some of the most prominent people you’ve put work with.

Wow!! Too many… There is  Apple Seed from Bongo Maffin, Dj Kenzero – creative union on vuzu tv, Channel O award winner Lizha James from mozambique, Oskido, Bo from the one of the biggest current bands Denim, producer Wicus – who’s recorded artists like brenda fassie and rebecca malope, Miss Thembi Seethe from BoomShaka ….and many more.

Wow you are really going places. What was your involvement with Mix Masterz?

Well its been a 6year relationship! Shayzar produced my first ever single “supersonic” in 2008, just after my Tour in Poland with ManSolJah and Pace. Loved how we worked and since we’ve been working on an album… Its taken so long because l am based in SA, and he in Zim. But those are my ppl – l part represent th Mix Masterz.

What type of dudes do you find attractive. Would you leave the arts to settle down and start a family?

Settling down?!!!  Leave my art?!!! Well, the guy l finally choose to settle with should just compliment The person that l am. I’m an artist…and forever will l be one! cant stop art from being art! U can only let it shine, for “your” life to be a happy one!!!
I just Wish them happiness!! Do what you love first…and the rest shall follow!!

Do you wish your off-spring will take up this art you have chosen?

I just Wish them happiness!! Do what you love first…and the rest shall follow!!

Nice, finally tell us why the world should listen to Sisiyanti.

Same reason why the world should drink coca cola!!! Coz its gud and unique.

Thank you we look forward to your album.
U welcome

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