Meet President Gosh


Okay so Zimlink has been away for a while, my mind wasn’t okay, it’s better now so back to business. I had the opportunity to come across a young hip-hop artist who calls himself President Gosh, not sure who voted him as president but well he’s in the hip-hop game ballot or no ballot.

A lot of young Hip-hop artists are coming up and Zimlink has been featuring a lot of these Hip-hop artist but I’d like to say if I come across your dancehall, r’n’b or anything i’ll be glad to review it if I am able to download it, also if it inclines itself for a review. This guy , ummm his excellency Gosh says, “My music is about reflection of self, controversy and dissing people for no reason.”

Reflection of self, the man on the mirror music right there. When you go to his link this is what you’re looking for, his reflection, controversy and dissing people… and gosh, believe it or not says he did not choose this path (controversy and dissing people) but rather it was a calling. He also added that, his music was for every psychopath in the world. At least all those people that are crazy about twitter now have someone making music for them.

“So far I have track on iTunes. I did a track with the Grammy nominated jazz saxophonist Leo Casino from US and I am going to release it next week if things works according to my plan,” The young man added to his musical CV. He seems to be a focused young man who is making moves.

To validate all his claims about his music… here’s a link to his work

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