A Great Untitled Poem By Russel Tawa Matin


I failed to cross quite a thin line,,
That seperates failure and success,,
So don’t be fooled by this smile of mine,,
Today my sun has ceased to shine,,
My whole world seems to have gone,,
And my sorrow still goes on,,
I was told joy would come soon,,
But still I wait for such a boon,,
To those who love, to those who care,,
As my world crumbles please be there..

I thought if i was to wake up,,
This nightmare wouldn’t dare show up,,
But it continues to exist,,
Half empty describes my cup,,
I watch my dreams fade and die,,
It kills me inside, I wont lie,,
Even though I try and try,,
The consiquence is that I cry,,
I don’t know how all this will end,,
As my world crumbles I need a friend..

All I need is just a friend,,
To hold my hand and understand,,
To wipe my tears and let me know,,
That he or she wont let me go,,
With me in this, my darkest hour,,
I need someone for strength and power,,
What I need as my heart tumbles,,
Is a friend as my world crumbles..


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