Memento- By Vanadis 17 – All Good Things Come To An End


The writer would like to dedicate this poem to Jedidiah Chauke, Priviledge Makasi, her mother and anyone  who has lost people they loved.

The sun rises and sets

The melody begins and ends

The fire ignites then fades

Today comes and goes

In the true manner of life

Everything is but a phase

That passes like the seasons’

As all good things come to an end


Thought the heart sees

It fails to comprehend

Though it hears

It fails to understand

Though it sees the signs

It fails to read between the lines

It refuses to acknowledge how the end comes

It hurts and cries

And wonders at the injustice

Of why good things come to an end


When the time to say goodbye comes

The heart cannot help but look back

On yesterdays memories

When the time to forget arrives

Loves footprints on the heart are not erased but only fade

When the time to part ways comes

Hearts cannot abandon the love they made

They refuse to acknowledge

That all good things come to an end


By Tanyaradzwa Vanadis Masaire


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