You weighed 7lbs and 4 ounces the day you were born
As I held you in my arms I felt the love, the warmth
And the innocence as I drew you closer to my chest
I whispered your name.
At that particular point in time
Andrew was embedded in my heart, my mind, my spirit and in my soul,
I even engraved your image in the palm of my hands
How can I forget you?

Your mother may have carried you for nine months but I am
Going to carry you for the rest of your life
Any Tom Dick and Harry, aka paedophiles and high school bullies can impose harm on a child but I will fight the biggest thug and serve a thousand kings just to make sure that none of them may come in your direction let alone one mile of your vicinity.
When all is said and done the last thing I want to do is see you running around the streets like an anti social criminal aka gangster.
Oblivious to the fact that life is not to be played with
But renowned to the police for all sorts of criminal activities.

You are playing duck-duck goose with the law, a game of cat and mouse
Catch me if you can like Tom and Jerry with death, oblivious to the fact that
The one hundred times you’ve gotten away with it
Is going to amount to the five times away from, four times away
From, three times away from, two times away from that one time that bullet
Is going to need to say yo! What’s up to your heart through
Your chest and catch you later through the back of your spine
And at that particular point in time your final face book will
Be your tomb stone and RIP will be his signature and death will be all checkmate.

You are young, small and naive you don’t even understand how much daddy
Loves you, so called daddy is mean, daddy is rough, daddy is tough but life
Indeed is tougher you do nothing at all at this particular point in time but
You make me proud as a father.
Never the less that is a father’s worst nightmare.

But sooner than you may assume you will get to realize that time
Flies like a jet plane in the sky and that is why I had to be cruel to be kind
And when I’m dead and gone proclaiming from the sky saying that’s my son
You will be all old and mature saying daddy you were right.
And for that particular reason you, you, you and you are going to say thank you.

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