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Zimlink is a non-profit organisation created by a family of international volunteers with a verity of skill sets, Zimlink enables the exchange of ideas & information within communities. The philosophy driving zimlink is a desire to give a voice to marginalised in society, by creating a platform for creative minds to be herd, share and explore their talents.

Our main objective enables a dialogue between Zimbabwe and the rest of the world through media. We are guided by two principles empowerment and inclusion, Zimlink is open to everyone. We all have something we want to give/say, Zimlink provides the ability to grow and nurture ideas whilst transforming a vision in to practical constructs.

In our research we have found a disconnect between the generations within the Zimbabwean diaspora. We bridge the gap between the young and old, combating discrimination and lack of understanding by bridging the gap. Providing an open forum for discussion, promoting business and nurturing creative talent, there is a global need for inclusion and empowerment.

Zimlink offers a flexible frame work for citizens to work in. Through creating a network of international and national connections. We can advise government bodies and play a part in shaping the future of Zimbabwe, Africa and the world. As zimlink grows so dose our business model constantly evolving to meet the demands of a changing world.

Currently the zimlink organisation is providing equipment and offering training in technical areas. The zimlink magazine in crated with the latest technology, updated every day, it provides a stable platform for writers, artists photographers and citizens to have a voice.

Zimlink Supports grassroots organisations and individuals through the magazine crating and open environment for them to grow and express themselves. We Supply the organisations with practical business knowledge as well as the necessary equipment and skills.  Zimlink provides training in areas such as SEO, logo design, advertising/business strategy and full event coverage. We equip individuals with the necessary skills to change their lives and ours. A voice needs to be herd, we enable communities to interact, connect share and understand the create sphere.

In 2015 Zimlink set up Lawilink as a registered NGO and Inphotopia a limited company in Blantyre Malawi with great success. We built a business and creative hub worked in partnership with other NGO’s, Government bodies, grass root organisations and individuals. In a 14-month period we hosted 2 festivals, trained over 800 students, contributed to improving the legal structure and created over 30 short documentaries. Lawilink created MOU’s with the public and private and worked in the health, education, technology, environment and community sectors. Lawilink actively promotes human rights on every level.

Zimlink fully supports the free exchange of information and knowledge as such all our content is openly shared. We offer joint copyrights on all our material, we actively promote this at every opportunity.

The Key to our success is a flexible business model able to change and evolve as new challenges arise and adapt to the varied environments we operate in.





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