Zimzy Girl greets you all

Welcome to Zimzy Girl

Credit Obi Ezenwoye


miles away from home, its the people we surround ourselves with, that help us never forget it

Hello fellow Zimbabweans and of course those who very much want to gain an insight into our home. Welcome to Zimzy Girl.

My name is Stacey but others may know me as Zimzy Girl, a Zimbabwean currently living in the UK.  I moved to the UK at a young age and have met a number of people who have done exactly the same. We have all spread our wings around the world, some to seek out new opportunities and some to discover different cultures.

In this new environment away from home, some of us feel a little overwhelmed or maybe alone. However, this page is here to offer you a chance to feel right at home, a chance to discover the uniqueness that we Zimbabweans’ have and the challenges we have over come in the past years. Especially when we try to get our voices heard.

This is a platform for you to speak about your experiences so others can relate and know that, we are a strong family creating a positive mark no matter where we are.

You can find out more about me from my blog at Discovering Zimzygirl here.

Or follow me on Instagram @zimzygirl

Continue to follow this journey through with me with the following posts to come.

Zimzy Girl

Credit Geraldine Chemwayi-Pfidze


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