On the 26th of September 2014, a Zimbabwean poet by the name “Thuthukani Ndlovu” managed to self-publish his second anthology entitled “Realisation”. The book is available for free, but only as an electronic book. Thuthukani , who is currently based in Bloemfontein, South Africa , managed to compile 13 poems, of which 7 were written by him, and the other were by other  featured poets : Farai Nhambasora , Vokal DaPoet , Bongani Ncube-Zikhali , Vimbai Mutimba , Zimkita Nogela, and Sebolelo Soulful Ms’Seutloali Some of the poets are currently based in France and Netherlands while the majority are in South Africa.  The first anthology that he compiled was published on world book day (April 26, 2014), and mostly featured poets currently in Zimbabwe (such as Njabulo Moyo, Mcpotar and Tanya Masaire) , so this time he wanted to explore a bit more. The anthology is entitled ‘Realisation’, and consists of poems based on different paradigm shifts we experience in life/should experience (especially from our different backgrounds) and so far, there has been positive feedback from people who have read the book. Thuthukani is greatly inspired by the achievements that Albert Nyathi has obtained, and he would one day want to reach the same level of popularity as him. Some of the poets that also inspire Thuthukani are Ernest Mackina and Njabulo Moyo.

The reason why he compiles these books/anthologies is that he is providing poets a platform to not only showcase their talent , but also to use poetry as a tool for communicating with people from different walks of life. He believes that poetry can be used to educate and inspire the present and future generation. He started writing poetry at a very young age (early high school) , of which he realised that people liked his poetry, therefore he decided to continue writing, but this time, writing with a purpose. He’s favourite poem from his second anthology would be the poem entitled “When”. It’s short, but provides the reader with critical questions that tend to be ignored.

Thuthukani is currently studying  a degree in marketing at the University of the Free State in Bloemfontein, and he is part of the TEDxUFS Media and Marketing team at the university. He is also a Blogger (www.radioactivetuts, and rapper/manager  ( stage name: The Activist. He is currently the manager of the rap group from Bulawayo, known as BYO – Building Your Origins).



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here’s the download link: Download Realisation



Thuthukani Ndlovu


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