The Type Of Woman We Want To Marry by The Quiet Cousin


Yours truly is back, the quiet cousin. Yep! me… you know that cousin you have that never says a word? Laughs only when its appropriate and you’ve never really figured which one of your uncles and aunts are his parents.


Since I’ve grown up all my life watching what goes on around me, quietly studying social interaction and the needy protocols around it, l thought it would be an awesome idea to share with you “the type of girl that most guys would want to marry”. (l’m saying ‘most’ because obviously l can’t speak on behalf of every guy out there). So ladies listen up and just maybe you might learn a thing or two…three…four…five things maybe. The dream wife for every guy gots to have hair!! Extensions or a weave whatever it is girlfriend get something on that head, last thing we want is a girl that looks like she is going to get her passport picture taken all the time! She has to have a body that kills…mmmm help me lord! Curves, a thin waist and them long a## legs. Stay with me now…LOL, l know most of you ladies are rolling your eyes in disgust. I LIED!! See the problem is most of you ladies think that’s what guys look for in a fiancé or a wife to be. Guys are different and are looking for different things. We get excited and put off by different things so the first thing l want to tell you before you give up on relationships is GUYS ALSO WONDER WHAT TYPE OF MEN YOU WOULD WANT TO MARRY, WE ALSO THINK YOU WANT THE RICH, TALL, BUFF AND HANDSOME TREY SONGS LOOK-ALIKE. Clearly we are both misunderstood, l don’t know about you girls but with us it’s the simpler things that make us decide if my jeans are worth extra time in the washing machine cause l spent the last minutes of our supper on one knee proposing. Now that iv got you reading this far, let me tell you what MOST guys are looking for in a future MRs what what.


FAITHFULL: nothing makes a man more secure about his future with a girl than knowing and trusting that no matter what, his girl will stick with him like a bad nick-name (nah mean). If a guy senses he can’t trust you with anything then the relationship is as good as perfect cheese cake to an elderly lactose intolerant black female. (don’t ask me….)


A FRIEND: this goes way beyond talking and mere hanging out without fighting.(i knew a girl that bragged that her and her man have never fought, l knew the guy and he was my fam buh he was cheating-fighting is good, shows you are talking about what you don’t like and trying to solve it). Be his friend, we need to know that we are in a place where we are not being judged for our mistakes, were we can open up and you’d both laugh or simply talk about it. Laughing together builds a certain bond that no amount of ‘touchy touchy’ can give. We are after all going to spend forever with you > forever is a very long time. (common the rapper said, ”we have to see eye to eye about family before we can become one! Mmmmm)

SELFLESS: yes girl l would make you my world buh… where would that leave me? See the mistake most girls make is they think a guy will feel himself if you show him you really into him yada yada yada. We want a girl that will equally show us she is in this relationship-that will be concerned about me too not leaving it up to me to prove that l deserve you. DESERVE me too.


REAL: as easy as that, won’t stay on this one for long. DON’T lie… DON’T pretend to be something you are not. You are a Mabvuku babe that’s who you are…(what else is there to say…)


UP FOR IT: we have to see that ‘wifeness’ in you. I am not about to propose to a girl that can’t cook a single full meal-African men take pride in their wife’s cooking. Basically you have to be able to act the part of a wife to be considered wife material (note that l said you have to be able to…NOT you have to be acting the part) like l said speaking for most men, i want to see you laugh and chill with my mom and sisters even if l know they piss the s### out of you, see you pull me back when lm overspending… (nah mean).

Of course you have to look good (dont fool yourself,if you had cancelled your facial appointment…get back on the phone), you would be silly to think that you can walk around looking like a wet dog and you will get your knight in shining armour. Even Cinderella needed a gown to go to the ball to meet her prince. (Cinderella mother of one night stands mxm).

It’s a known phenomenon that guys are attracted to the physical first (what they see). He has to like how you carry yourself first then the rest follows. That said…you have to be careful of one thing, the skill that every guy has mastered-We have the supernatural ability of seeing what you want and pretending to give it just long enough till we milk whatever we want from you.(which is usually sex) l know a lot of girls who only have this to offer.Once he has promised her long enough that he will marry her, had it to his full delight; hes off like ZESA. Now there you are, left cursing men #SMH
It’s a crazy world out there… but he is looking for you. (arrrrgh ZESA gone!) Guess l have to go now… till the next funeral l guess, then you’ll hear more from your quiet cousin, please say hi atleast…

tiiii *laptop battrey*

By The Quiet Cousin

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  1. Really beautifully written. i enjoyed reading it and i must say the advice is better put and more honest than most relationship advice.


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