I was watching my friend, (he is a muscled big guy…yes yes,) as he intensely studied and read the back of every brand of face wash in the cosmetic isle, and the feminist in me was doing summer saults all the while.  The one thing the general feminist has been fighting for is for the equalization of men and women be it socially, economically, politically and all in all other aspects of life. And it does not matter if it’s one side of the balance beam that is getting more weights put in or the other that is getting weights taken off to achieve balance right? I mean here is the physical manifestation of macho in front of me, concentrating on getting the best deal out of his face wash like his life depended on it, hello! Feminists, we can retire now! Behold ladies and gentlemen the metrosexual man. Metrosexual, a word that was coined by Mark Simpson, describes an urban guy who is in touch with his feminine side, meticulous about how he looks and is not making faces while he spends on his grooming. David Beckham, Ryan Seacrest, Will Smith, and need I say more?  This is the guy who knows what to wear and when (you will never catch him in an un-ironed shirt), he loves literature and will genuinely enjoy watching a chick flick. The guy who is not intimidated by the kitchen, and his savoir faire in choosing the perfect wine or music is admirable. And he smells like roses. All the time. The metrosexual man is an answered prayer for feminists and I will explain why. Women have taken commendable strides evolving into independent ladies who are equal to men in education, the workplace and everywhere else you look. They are now able to tell men to go and bury themselves without the toe licking that is inspired by financial dependency and rigid gender roles. Slowly moving away from traditional roles of ‘mother’ or ‘wife’, women are becoming influential leaders, owners of organizations and are taking care of their children without the help of men. This kind of independence and freedom is a drug and women are not looking forward to giving it up any time soon. The independent woman does not like being dependent, being controlled and being told what to do. She is certainly not the kind of girl you marry because she is a docile little lamp that will ask how high when told to jump. This breed of females has led to the creation of a type of a male who is far from your gruff and rugged men, the metrosexual! This is that guy that takes over those duties that women had always been left to do, washing, cooking, shopping, changing diapers and picking out colors for the curtains even! He will own over 20 pairs of shoes and be proud of it (proud of you too, an did I say I loved you?) the metrosexual is independent, he will not play FIFA 2014 all day (do not judge on my lack of knowledge here, I am not writing a techno article), packing on the fat from fast food because mommy or babe did not leave frozen food in the fridge. He will be at the gym, getting his beefcake game on point, or on the internet, familiarizing himself with the latest trend of short shorts. (Is it just me or are men showing more hairy thigh than women these days? Should we brace ourselves for the era of male objectification already?)  Or maybe you will find him in the salon even, getting a pedi. You cannot tell if he is married or not because of his clothes, he is his own man. The metrosexual guy is not only a sensual but also more independent and groomed and is straight! He fits like a glove with the modern independent woman. He will not just pay for every date because he is male, nor will he always want to be in charge of very bill, which annoys the true independent women. I do not know about you, but I am excited for a man who will let a woman be the best she can be, and he will be right there by her side, smelling divine, looking immaculate in an apron, and not feeling emasculated one bit.


by vimbai lole


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