Q n’ A with D Blok , Zimbabwean Fiery Femcee


Sometime last week I had a chat with one of Zimbabwe’s upcoming female emcees who goes by the name D Blok. I have seen this lady perform and she really kills it on stage. Below is a small Q n’ A between me and this fiery femcee, D Blok Keislim, check it out.


DBK- D Blok Keislim


S-What’s in a name, and what does your name mean?

DBK – A name is everything and yet a name is nothing. My name just means “the person who can’t be shaken”.

S-When were you born and when did you decide to start rapping ?

DBK-I was born on the 24th of June many moons ago…

I never decided to rap, it just happened…initially I am a singer but my singing evolved into rap at quite a young age.


S-Who or what would you say influences your music the most?

DBK- Time and circumstances….Great influences in my music

S- Do you write your own lyrics?

DBK- Always..I write my own lyrics

S- Past and future projects, any albums , mixtapes , videos that you have or that you are working on ?

DBK- Got an album coming out called “Radio Silence”.  I released a limited edition CD and its nearly sold out.

“Make your dreams a reality”. - D Blok

S-Do you listen to local hip hop? If so, name your  Top 5 , both male and female .

DBK-I do listen to local hip hop. I got no top 5 yet

S-What do you think about the current state of Zim Hip Hop ?

DBK-It’s in a crazy state right now, radio be playin’ the local cats left right front and centre, I appreciate that. If artists just came together more and really stepped out of their boxes I promise you we’d go far no doubt.

S-Do you think people responding positively to the genre?

The genre is getting positive responses definitely. Let’s keep supporting it y’all.

S- Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

DBK- I’m envisioning myself 2 steps closer to realizing my dream.

S- There is this thing with almost all female emcees of trying to sound like Nicki Minaj. What is it that you have to offer that makes you stand out from the other femcees?

DBK- What makes me stand out?!? Everything!!….I stand out from any emcee…Fact!

S- Last words to the people?

DBK- I always say “Make your dreams a reality”.


There you have it folks. Be on the lookout for “Radio Silence”. I wonder what the name means. You can interact with D Blok via her facebook page,  “D Blok Keislim” and probably even ask her what the title of her upcoming album means. She is really quite friendly hey. I will let you know soon as her album drops. 2014 is looking good for Zim Hip-Hop huh guys ?

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