How to Beat Disease!!


I always find that regardless of what anybody says or whatever information is available at your finger tips regarding your own health, if you aren’t ready to take that next step, nothing anybody says will ever make sense. Therefore, I hope this article will encourage you.

It has become a bit of a cliche but where disesase is concerned, prevention is always better than cure. And yet due to one reason or another life throws us into a corner and we find ourselves in a precarious position. Diseases are here to stay or at least they will be with us for a long while to come! There are those diseases that silently creep upon us such as cancer, diabetes, heart disease and hypertension and there are those that we can see coming. However, you don’t have to feel completely powerless once disease has manifested itself inside your mind and/or body.

Therefore, I’ve compiled a list of some basic but crucial measures that can help us cope, alleviate, reverse some conditions and in some cases ‘overcome’ or at least improve your overall condition.

1) Know your enemy (yes, that disease/ailment is your enemy)
How can you go into battle if you don’t know what you’re dealing with? Knowing how your enemy works; their tactics always helps, therefore, take an interest in your condition and study as much as you can about it. This also empowers you! Someone once told me that ‘knowledge isn’t power’ but only ‘potential power’. Therefore, knowledge will serve as one of the fighting tools that you will need to fight your battle!

2) Change your mindset
This is a big one. It appeals to your psychological disposition. Your self esteem, your confidence among other things. No matter what you’re facing stay positive. Inspire yourself believing that you can get better and that you have enough courage and determination to fight the disease. Have you ever heard of 6 months prognosis stories that turned out to be decades? That could be you!

Furthermore, negative emotions are bad for your health. Did you know that forgiving keeps disease at bay? When you don’t forgive someone each time you see them your body reacts- blood pressure rises, your heart races and you become stressed. Your body reacts to what is in your brain, therefore, fill it with good thoughts. Holding on to anger, hatred, and all other negative emotions does not help your condition. It only leads to further deterioration, therefore, get rid!

3) Surround yourself with positive people
Your environment is as important as what is within you, therefore, stay away from those that are negative. Negative people can only aid in your suffering and deteriorate things further for you. If they don’t believe you can make it that is their problem, not yours.

You may be battling a disease but don’t forget to live. Your life is not over yet. Laugh, play, dance and give yourself a break! Remember to let your loved ones look after you.

4) Implement
There are some basic principles in maintaining good health. Nothing replaces good nutrition, fresh air, adequate rest, exercise, sunshine, drinking water, and so on. You can’t expect to beat any disease if you don’t look after your physical self. Now is the time to start implementing these health principles as they are relevant no matter what disease you find yourself battling.

Don’t forget to do what your doctor tells you. If it’s medication follow the prescription and report any side effects immediately. And when you feel discouraged appeal to your positive mindset and don’t give up!

5) Have faith
The majority of us turn to that greater being when we are tried and tested and it is our beliefs that can keep us going. Pray and practice what you believe for it is your source of strength which is what you need to keep fighting.

Fighting disease is no mean feat. It requires strength that comes both from within and without when you’re at your most vulnerable. With the right kind of disposition and fighting tools I believe anything is possible. And if in the end you succumb to your condition at least you would’ve fought a good fight and given it your all!

Article Source:  Original Article by Bertha Mukodzani for


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