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When people hear of the girl who went to the University of Zimbabwe at 14, most of them are aligned to think “Ohh she is intelligent, l wish l had her brains”. They think  I had it all easily. Yes its true God made me academicaly good, but I went through a lot to get here. There barely is an easy way to life. There is never a “Boom look, l am succesful”. You have to earn it. There is no throne without the cross, and Israel didnt just wake up in Canaan without going through the wilderness. Basically, there is no star without a scar. Disapointments are a part of life, but you have to figure out a way to get past them, and always know there is an appointment for everyone.

The column is named Modifying Monday because I can work with Monday and have always been a big fan of the word Modify. We don’t choose our present and our backgrounds. And we all have a future, and a chance to modify it to what we like, hopefully the better . I see myself modifying the present for the better. You have a choice too.

So welcome you all to this column. I am hoping to use this column as a way to motivate and inspire others. I will be talking about my life, what l have learnt from my journey so far. If you have any quiries or subject you would like me to talk about, feel free to contact me on maudtanaka@gmail.com

Till next week, be in the mood to modify your destiny.



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