#MaObama (Hip-hop Song) Now Up For Free Download


G-records has been producing facilitating a lot of young talent lately, it’s not even caught up in beef in the industry. they are basically about their business, making money. #MaObama.

myke-pimp-maobamaMa Obama is a single by hip-hop artist MykePimp and feature Sharky. it is basically about a dude who wakes up to get money at Western union (from overseas we suppose). He rushes into town, likely he has not taken a shower lo… because “eyes so red like i just peeled an onion,” something a person who just got out of bed would look like. His girlfriend realizing that he has money automatically fits herself into his demands and wants her hair done, but our friend also needs some money to spin and it actually leads him to more stress. he at the end of the song explains how hard it can be to please a yellow bone (light skinned african girl). Sharky enters with a lot of punchlines, much of them self hype and the delivery is quite dope, it switches the mood of #MaObama.

Finally just download the track via this  direct link… no signing in

or up into anything there we go: http://bit.ly/MaObama

Music bloggers may repast this review and even place this text link in any widget area. http://bit.ly/MaOBama

<a href=http://bit.ly/MaObama> Download Myke Pimp’s Hip-hop single MaObama </a>


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