Zim Hip-Hop Producer/Rapper Fun_f Talks His New Single : “Good Looking”


Hi guys! Sometime last week I had a chat with one of my old friends and former high school mate (and classmate too, geez), budding Zim Hip-Hop Producer/Rapper Fun_f.  We spoke about a lot of stuff really, but the one topic that you guys might be interested in knowing, was his upcoming single.  I really think a lot of people are going to be interested in this single because of the issue that it addresses.  Listen here, we are living in the 21st Century. These are times when questionable morals are considered “cool” by today’s youth. People are becoming sexually active at a very young age when they really have no idea what they are doing. You know that thing where guys go out clubbing for instance, they meet girls, take them home at the end of night , and the next morning it’s “on to the next”.? Those one night stands? Yes. They seem pretty cool and all, because guys we are always on a mission to be the Alfa Male..Get all the girls we can lay our hands on. But there are consequences you know ? You can’t just go sleeping around with lots of girls and then joke about it the next morning.  But who am I to judge ? I am just another man.



Anyway, check out the chat I had with Fun_f about his new single, “Good Looking” . Mind you, we are going to talk more about the above mentioned issue at a later date. I am not done yet.



Sharky– Fun!!!!!What’s good


Fun_f   : Sha two minutes


Sharky :  You still in H-Town ?


Fun_f: Yes!

How’s it going’ my guy !

Yes, I’m in H

So you wanna know about #GoodLooking.

Alright,  let me break it down……


To begin with, l handled production, and it features a guy called Geez Flex who speaks Nyanja and also happens to be one of Nation Music’s new artists. He is a Zimbabwean based Zambian, he did the hook. I did the verses, two of them and l hope ya’ll will like it.


It’s an awareness track letting out the word to the girls out there to not to jus fall for any guy you see, in a club or anywhere else and give it all up to him just because he looks good ( hence “Good Looking), got a car or he just bought you a drink. Get to know him first and then decide.

Kwete kungomupa ****** on the first night . (Not just giving him ***** on the first night)

Because in the end , maybe unenge wakarohwa nehwahwa that night, mangwana you gon’ regret mufesi  wacho abaya , usisa muone , then ma1 ako , get the picture ?( Because in the end, maybe you’d be drunk that night and you’ll regret it the next morning when the guy is nowhere to be found)




Sharky : Heavy!!!!!!

How did you come up with that concept?


Fun_f : I came up with that coz l got one of my guys doin’ that and we used to applaud him, but there came a time when one of my female friends got caught in a situation, you know. She came to me in the morning crying saying the night before, some good looking guy just hit her up and scat out. And my guy came too saying he just hit a girl abva atiza , achiseka achizvipa manuff. (He slept with a girl and then he left and he was bragging about) So it happened kuti the girl he had sex with was my female friend , vaisa zivana hahaha.(They didn’t know each other.)


Then l just felt l had to say something out there



Sharky: Wow. O­_O


Fun_f: Lol Iwe !!!!!



Sharky : Your female friend ,how does she feel about you making a song about her ordeal


Fun_f : She cool with it, l asked for her permission she said it’s alright, coz more girls out there need to be aware. That’s what she said


Sharky : What do you think about how young people are living these days? It seems sex has just become something that’s easy to have with anyone.



Fun_f : So ignorant man, l don’t know. They only are living for now and ain’t thinking about the future. Decisions made now will have much impact on your future.

Sex now will surely affect all your future relationships and most people don’t know that. It pains me a lot man, the mindset gotta change.


Sharky : There aren’t that many Zim HipHop songs that speak about what you are speaking about Most are condoning the one night stands actually. The party jams being dropped


Fun_f: And that’s the main reason why am dropping this jam. Just to try and show my people that there is more to hip-hop than jus partying and girls and money etc. We got talented guys in our industry hey so why not use that talent by putting out some positive words out there, something your mom or pops or uncle can listen to. Something that appeals to all and sundry.


Sharky: That’s heavy


Fun_f: You can say that again

And of course we all need to party, but you gotta make sure there is some relevance in that party jam because hey, hahaha…



Sharky: With the power that music has, all the stuff that kids do these days could be heavily influenced by music. Drinking. Partying . Sex . (read a relevant article here)


Fun_f: True that, music is the soul medicine. Mind you, there’s good medicine and bad medicine We just gotta choose. l choose good and I hope all my peers choose good too



Sharky: When are you dropping the single?


Fun_f: It’s dropping on the 8th of March



Sharky: Heavy stuff man. We will be waiting on it.





Fun_f: All good bro, thanks I’m out!





Keep looking out for Good Looking you guys, it’s coming out soon!!

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