When Fashion Meets Music : 7:30 Apparel



Today we are going to talk about 7:30 Apparel, an upcoming urban wear brand which is 100%  Zimbabwean. The man behind it Tanaka Leroy Samukange has been making strides in the world of fashion, made it as a top 14 designer finalist for Fashion Weekend Zimbabwe and  scooping a spot in Zimbabwe Fashion Weekend’s Young Designer finalists; it is interesting to take a look at where the brand is going.

Tanaka has been affiliated with hiphop acts such as Karma, Navy Seal and Amvis who are all rising and it seems these are the idols of the coming generation. Amvis group at one time dropped a single to promote the brand through an offering called “I got my gear” in 2012. Navy Seal also had a freestyle promoting the brand at the time. They look forward to working with Mix Masters;They have done work with Karma.


The involvement of clothing and hiphop is what makes it a culture. It has always been present where we had labels such as Fubu, Johny Blaze, Rocawear and Sean Jean among others influencing pop culture. We have a right to believe then that Leeroy Samukange is an.icon who is a

Like any upcoming talent he requires support from people in Zimbabwe. few contacts away from a big break. In a rising industry where the word Zimhiphop is mentioned in the average tweet, he has an opportunity to make his label known and relevant. Like their facebook page .  Share share share



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