Thursday 25th of October 2014 marked the beginning of four great days on Zimbabwe’s fashion calendar : Zimbabwe Fashion Week, the only time that allows Zimbabwean fashion lovers to stand up and applaud the beauty of our country’s fashion industry. The night will forever be etched in the heart and minds of many because every sight and sound screamed that the significance of this event goes a million miles beyond clothing and fashion  trends: it is about identity, unity and love. The undying hardworking spirit which is synonymous with us Zimbabweans was palpable even before the event commenced at six pm. Event organisers were on their toes tying the loose ends. Everyone wanted the night to be great and I am proud to have witnessed it live and direct.

IMG-20140929-WA0007 IMG-20140929-WA0006  IMG-20140929-WA0004

The tent which housed the aisle was big and the interior exquisitely decorated. The backstage area was breath-taking and so was the lighting. The event kicked off right on time. As the models catwalked down the aisle exuding confidence and sheer elegance, one could just marvel and and salute the talented designers who continue to prove that Zimbabwe is more than an inspiration : the country continues to take great strides in the design and textile industry. One of the designers who showcased his work was Tapfumanei Munenge a 23 year old couture designer.


Tapfumanei Munenge is a young couture designer aged 23 years currently residing in Johannesburg South Africa. His designs as he puts it, target the young trendy woman who is not afraid of boundaries and pushes fashion limits as exemplified by his recent designs which were worn by the reigning Miss Zimbabwe.  Tapfumanei works with plain fabrics and does the embelishments himself. His recent deigns reflect his keen interests in the woman’s struggle as symbolised by his use of the colour red which gives empowerment and confidence whilst white reflects the tenderness of femininity and represent its’ soft caressing nature. As a whole, the fusion of white and red combine to form a peace bloodied collage.


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