Meet Make Up Artist Yvonne- With Step By Step Make Over Pictures – by Gugulethu Odry


This weekend l had the opportunity to catch up with the owners of LY Aesthetics Beauty salon, Lorraine Masawi and Yvonne Moyo. These ladies are Beauticians by qualification and have a lot of experience in their field. It was interesting to learn how Lorraine has a degree in Quantity Surveying and Construction Management, has worked as a Beauty Consultant in Zimbabwe and top it up she has owned a Beauty Salon in Bradford which she sold when she moved to Nottingham. Growing up this lady was also in the modelling industry. Clearly this has always been her passion from a very young age. She has collaborated with the young and hardworking Miss Yvonne who is not afraid to take risk.

Yvonne is the definition of a ‘go getter’ and has proven to everyone that ‘where there is a will there is a way’. She dropped everything to go to a Beauty School to pursue her dreams, soon after she qualified the two ladies opened doors to LY Aesthetics Beauty Salon. These Zimbabwean born and bred beauties are not just makeup artists they are ‘Beauty Consultants’ who will run down from A-Z the Dos’ and Don’ts when it comes to maintaining healthy glowing skin.

Born out of a desire for excellent customer service, the salon itself is a clinical yet comfortable place to be in. Skin and makeup dominate most of the conversations in the salon. Clients can browse and ask around freely as there is no hard sell in there. LY Aesthetics make it clear to me that they are not here to sell as many products as they can to just about anyone but to educate women about skin care, makeup and nails. They believe that an informed customer is free to purchase their products without pressure.

These ladies also hold make up classes for those interested in makeup, they do makeup at events and are available for hire. In the future they plan to launch their own makeup brand which will concentrate mainly on women of colour and of course, will be available in Zimbabwe. Since launching their salon they have also taken time out of their busy schedule to give back into the community by volunteering at the Women’s Centre, going to mentor young girls at University, the list is endless. They shared with us a few tips on how to achieve a going out look:

Please check out the pictures below:



IMG_0370 1IMG_0436IMG_0446IMG_0455


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