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Bertha Mukodzani is the author of the book A Life Steered’ which was published in 2010 by Authorhouse. Although fictitious in most parts, the story draws heavily from her life experiences. It is an inspirational but heart-wrenching story about courage and determination against all odds. For reviews and to purchase the book just click here on the link. Amazon delivers to your door all over the world!

Bertha wrote the book in the hope of inspiring those readers out there who may be going or have gone through similar experiences. Although the book is set in Zimbabwe, it is a story that people from all walks of life can appreciate and identify with as it explores universal themes such as love, romance, politics, grief and humour among other things. It also exposes the African culture as you’ve never seen it before. Bertha found the process of writing the book a cathartic experience.

Bertha is very passionate about her job as a nurse and this is what has steered her into writing health/nursing articles. She uses her own experiences as well as the knowledge that she has acquired to write these. She is also in the process of penning her second novel which is a work of fiction.

Bertha also writes for various publications including her local newspaper.







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