How To Get Friendzoned In 7 Days


I know a lot of young men a re dying to be friend zoned by girls. We love to get friend zoned man, after-all you get to give her a shoulder when she’s crying about her boyfriend plus she gets airtime favours to call her man from you. Isn’t that amazing? Wouldn’t you like to be in that position. Now as an expect that is proudly friend zoned by over 20 girls I can give you these full proof techniques for free, so you can get friend zoned even right away. Mind you this package usually costs no less than $50.

  • Be Too Nice – Now there is a high percentage of you getting into the friend zone when you’re Mr. Nice Guy. Try your best not to offend the girl by being a yes man to everything she says (even though you think otherwise). Tell her how hairstyle is nice.


  • Listen To The Girls Relationship Problems:  Allow the girl to tell you about their ex, even their relationship problems. Give them good solutions till you gain the brother status. Oh yes allow them to dump their pile of problems on your lap. Help them with these problems; send them money if you have to. This will guarantee that you get in the zone and they will begin to see you as a brotherly figure and call you up every time they need airtime, or when they are bored or when they’ve just broken up with that douche-bag.


  • Send Them  More texts Before They Text You Back – This is one of the biggest industry secrets. Always text them first and be impatient, text them again before they reply. Keep sending chucks of texts and emoticons, smileys. This will boost your friend zone chances by a milestone. Another thing I have seen to work is to reply them after “K”, “oh ok” and “I see”.


  • Be Very Available – Always be easily available for chat. Never be busy for them, in fact leave what you’re doing to attend to them. Give them all the attention. Even try giving them attention while they are trying to work. This has always worked for me.


  • Discuss Very Intellectual Topics – Avoid any innuendos or flirty suggestions while talking to the girl.  Bring up a topic on morals, talk about the sayings of Socrates, computers, videogames, ZESA and KRS-One. Talk about how the Zim Hip-hop is fighting perhaps. This will definitely boost your chances of being friend zoned by a long shot.


These tips have helped over 3 billion men all over the world. There i9s no reason they should not work for you. They are guaranteed.

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  1. I literally laughed through the article. I enjoyed reading though i must add that i never knew a guy could get friendzoned so easily… seems i have numerous male friends in the friend zone


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