“So what are your pillars of success, l mean how can one be successful in life? What was your secret?” I rarely conclude an interview without this question being thrown at me. I t has been asked a couple too many times. The truth is, when l started my journey, l did not have any secret or strategy as to how l would be successful. But being on the journey so far has made me realise that there are 3 things l always need. I hav come to name them, Naka’s PILLARS OF SUCCESS. This week l will talk about one. Check it out, it might help.

Naka’s Pillar #1:Patience

In as much as this is a virtue, it’s a requirement. You can’t do without it. The saying goes “with patience and time, a mulberry leaf becomes silk.” They go on further to say ” time is the best doctor.’ Why do we need patience? Why is it so important? When you make the first step to get out of your comfort zone, and take life into your own hands, not everyone will support you, or at least have the slightest belief it will work, even those people you really need support from.In my case it was my mother. She thought the workload was too heavy for her only daughter, her first baby. She thought by neither believing in, nor supporting me she was doing what was best for me. Shame.
In such a scenario, patience becomes handy. Give those people time, taking into great consideration that not everyone has the capacity to see the vision as you are seeing it. Time will solve all your problems for you. my mom later became my biggest fan. Don’t push them, give them time. Likewise, don’t let them pull you back, don’t let their potentially contagious unbelief discourage or distract you. There are times when you just have to say, “My Jesus and I, we are a crowd.” And behold thou art enough to pursue your dreams. After all it’s your life, you have to live it.

Till next week, be patient in your dealings, modifyers! (My mom later became my biggest fan!)


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