Navy Seal To Release ZimLink Theme Song (Now with Audio)


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The Zimlink website has only been up for a week and has amazing contributions from various Zimbabwean writers and artists. While most contributions have been articles, photography and videos, Navy Seal has broken new ground by creating a single called Zimlink. Navy Seal is famous for his hit single Elevated (Get it here) which topped the School of hip-hop radio chart show for a while. He is very much part of the Zimlink team and is promising fireworks in his part of the media.

He is studying Musicology currently at Midlands State University, has worked on several works before 2013, but this year is promising more fire. Navy seal is a patriotic son of Zimbabwe and would like to bridge the gap between Zimbabwe and other nations. His track unlike most of his tracks is quite inspirational and conscious. It speaks of peace, unity and how the information age can help eradicate racism and so forth. Mr. Noxa the man on the chorus makes it a melodious anthem promising to set many households ablaze on a beat done by a Producer known as Roddy. We got linked to him via Bhudha, this guy also helped the creation of Watz it all For by Navy Seal, Mcpotar and Synik. Navy Seal allows his Zim link team-mates to give shout-outs at the end of the song and it gives the song a meaningful end with vocals taken over phone but to show his love for the birth of this movement.

This comes at a time when the Zim hip-hop industry is fighting for the throne and emcees and musicians are attacking each other. Navy expressed that he would like to see peace and even an end to the so called Samora dichotomy. He said as an emcee for outside Harare he feels the concerns of those who cry over the radio play in-balance but h he urged them to build relationships and solve this through dialogue rather than attacks. ,”The game is tsill growing. It is time to make moves,” he added.  “A lot of artists is try’na be on some Nas and Jay-z ish, but they don’t realize that we have a smaller industry that we have to build together.”

He agreed that there seems to be an in-balance, but he believes that in-balance will be solved. Zim link is  a platform that plans to bring out some of these issues and give people a voice. The theme song is brilliant. An animation video by Mcpotar may be on the way soon. Keep watching the space. Make sure you follow @zimlinkTV on twitter for blog updates on the go.

The song drops anytime, stay prepared.


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