A reflection on life by Christopher Chakwana


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At times it just takes the death of someone really close to you, especially a friend ,a  peer for you to reflect on the seriousness of life. Often we spend a greater part of our lives chasing things that are no of any value, things that make us appear better than our friends, our siblings, our workmates, yet forgetting to reflect on the seriousness of life, you will find out that at the end of the day the things we spend a major part of our time chasing do not bring any spiritual fulfilment on our lives whatsoever, we just move about an spiritually empty lot. We make plans and even plan months and years ahead yet we forget that we are mortal beings whose days are numbered. We act like we have keys to this life, we are guaranteed that next week we will be alive yet in actual fact tomorrow is not promised us, the fact that we are alive today or tomorrow is because of God’s grace. Whilst we plan life is happening, yes because remember life is what happens when you are busy planning other things. In this makeshift called life we tend to forget to appreciate the smaller pixels that build up the bigger picture called life. You know just sitting in that funeral service of my former classmate and friend, hearing all those beautiful testimonies of his life and on how he had made a positive impact on people’s lives really got me thinking about what i have been doing with my own life. You know funerals have this way of knocking sense into people’s lives, well at list for those few days during and after the funeral. Going back to the beautiful testimonies that were said in the funeral service of this fine gentleman my friend made me question one thing, well my question is ,did all these people, me included ever bother to show appreciation for the wonderful stuff he did in our lives or when he was alive we were too busy to notice he was doing all the fabulous stuff, we just took it for granted that it was entitled to us after all he was our friend, church mate or sibling what more could he have done. Of what use is showing this appreciation now, when he is already gone and not there to see or listen to it? An occasional Whatsapp message, Facebook inbox or text message would have done the trick, to call and check up on him, to call and say hie ,how have you been and thank you for inspiring me in a, b, c ways. To find out how he is doing and most probably celebrate his personal achievements, most of all to be there to be his friend. Now what is left are the constant eulogies that we sing in his absence, of what he did in our lives. The death of this friend also allowed me to reflect on my life its direction or its lack off. Just hearing the beautiful things he had done for people in his church, all of which were true considering I really knew the kind of character he was, just then, sitting on that Church bench, it suddenly hit me, I am going to die one day, scary right?, well I know the whole me being locked up in .

by Christopher Chakwana  of http://www.scribbledn.blogspot.com (an Amazing poetry site)


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