Life! I am alive!
Life! I am alive!

I am alive! Thank you for the gift of life! Thank you Universe, for my breath. This action of breathing, that sometimes I take for granted, can stop at any time. I am enjoying this moment which can easily be taken away from me. I am thankful for the Vastness that is our Planet Earth. I am thankful for Humanity. Without other people, I would not be able to learn any lessons that I am here for. Who would I interact with?

I Am Alive! Thank You Universe!

Thank you for the gift of life! I am alive! In this moment, I have windows wide open in my house because it is sunny and hot. Thank you sunshine. I am able to dry all my clothes outside. I appreciate the breeze that I feel, now and again. I am happy that this year, no one is going to complain about not having had summer; I hope. I will close my ears to those who will complain about the heat.

Thank you for the gift of life! I am alive! I am thankful for all that is around me. The car noises from the road. The sounds of birds on the trees. The parakeets that feed on the trees. The debris of broken leaves left after the parakeets’ feast. My neighbour’s dog that always barks very loudly when it sees me. I thank it for greeting me so enthusiastically!

Thank you for the gift of life! I am alive! Yesterday I saw a video of my six year old grandson, happily roller skating for the first time and making his experience seem so easy and effortless. Yes, my grandson has inspired me to learn, one of these days, to roller skate! I can hear you chuckle, thinking, ‘you are too old to learn to roller skate’ and I say, ‘you speak or think for yourself because one is never too old to learn anything.’

I Am The Greatest Piece of Engineering Work!

Thank you for the gift of life! I am alive! I see with my eyes. I have a face I am thankful for. I have two legs and two feet that carry me and support me. I have all my bones intact. My skin is beautiful and has done and continue to do an amazing job. It protects and embraces, lovingly, every system in my body. I thank each and every cell in my body and each and every particle that makes my entire auric field.

Thank You! Thank You! Thank You Universe for Our Lives. ALL of Humanities’ Lives.


VIANomanono Isaacs
SOURCENomanono Isaacs
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I am Nomanono Isaacs. Author of Escaping Apartheid-A Letter to My Mother. I was born in the Republic of South Africa. I am So Thankful to have this opportunity to share through this column, who I was and what inspires me now as I evolve everyday. I am very different today from the angry, resentful and hating person I was before I escaped South Africa. These emotions were brought by an incident that happened to my mother. Two young white boys set an Alsatian dog onto her. My own Mama, was inspirational to my change, to FORGIVE! In spite of her experience, she had a huge LOVING heart. When she realised how angry and resentful I had become, she kept saying: "Please forgive them my daughter. Please forgive them." I did not forgive overnight, however, she activated a seed of Love in me.


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