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I Do Not Ask For Much (Love Poetry)

I Do Not Ask For Much (Love Poetry)

I only want to see your face
And perhaps take a walk to unfamiliar place.
All I ask is for your embrace:
Enfold me now; warm hugs.

I do not ask to enter this race:
Of traded lovers, meaningless exchange
But what I do request is the sharing of laughter,
The comfort of silence,
And I shan’t say, “No” to some pizza pie!

If in this world there should be some pain
I’ll only ask to be your walking cane.
May I be to share in your loss and in your gain;
Inseparable: cell (&) membrane.

I only ask that you permit this smile
That courses my eyes at the ‘membrance of you.
If blue is your colour then may I wear it too,
And may we lie ‘neath the stars telling tales, touching you…

But, before I get ahead and leave me behind,
Let me hone me in from all my asides;
There is one last thing that is left to venture
(I really do not ask for much):
Precious heart, gently beating,
May I ask to know your name?

©Anna T. D. Gowera

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