Here comes Kryon! A voice from behind the veil being shared! Who is Kryon? From Kryon Book II, Don’t Think Like a Human, this is a brief excerpt of how he describes himself:

Kryon Is Questioned

Question: When you say that you were “summoned” here, it would indicate that you answer to a higher power. Who sent for you, and where are you from?

Kryon’s Answer

Answer: There is no higher “power” than the singular source, and you have that within yourselves. I respond to requests by the group that oversees planets in lesson. I am a technician in service for this group, whose name can be translated loosely as the “Brothers of Light.” Names such as these, as I have told you earlier, are very subject to interpretation, since they are not absolute names in any language on Earth. It would be like naming a colour, and expecting it to remain that exact name throughout all history in all cultures and languages, no matter who interpreted its hues.

No Authority Structure

There is no authoritiy structure. We all carry the same authority and wisdom. This is not an Earth cultural concept, and so until you are out of lesson, I cannot expect that you would know of this, or understand it. It is much like your biological body, however. You are not aware of a boss telling your parts what to do, but you are aware of a central unit that provides for the coordination of your biological balance. None of your parts have to agree, and none of your parts rebel.


Everything works in unison toward the goal of life sustenance, and all the parts respect and work with the others. Your consciousness is a whole sum of your parts. And you would find it silly at the thought of your heart not sending blood, to your feet, when they needed it. Or having your liver tell your brain it was going to form a body of its own.

No Human-type interaction

There is no human-type interaction that describes the interaction of the entities of the Universe. All the political and emotional human interactions were created for your lesson. And is typically your own.

I am from the centre. I am from the “core,” or central creative force. This is where the love source emanates. I belong to no specific part of the Universe, and I am not to be identified with any specific group other than that of service to you.

Another Question

Question: You have spoken before about your “support group.” Are these the guides, or do you have an actual group that works with you on the grid alignment? Where are they?


Answer: This is one of the most humorous questions you (my partner) have ever asked! In total love I salute you for your duality! You do not remember your own command, and you do not know your service with me. Such is the wonder of your sacrifice of lesson, and we love you for this.

My support group will remain veiled from all of you, but I can tell you that it is a large contingent of entities who are working with me to accomplish the gradual realignment of your magnetics. In addition, it is the work of this group to pass information to the arriving entities from all over the Universe as to the attributes of your new energy at this time. My support group is located in the orbit of Jupiter around the sun.

I, Nomanono, have decided to share Kryon, solely for the purpose of expansion and growth. Do you really know who you are? Personally, for a long time, I did not know. I am beginning to. It seems and feels a long journey, sometimes. And we keep going. I think I am getting closer to knowing who the true me, is. But again, will I have this true knowing in this, my current lifetime? I pray so!






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