The positive truth of being a Woman from Zimbabwe

A celebration of Zimbabwean Woman


The 8th of March is a day celebrated for Women. A day where women are acknowledged as powerful, independent and strong.

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So lets’ understand our Women

This post focuses on the voices of young Zimbabwean women. You may find some similarities but each and every account is an individual speaking. This is a chance to let our voices be heard and how we are shaped by our country. It’s also the ‘ability to move through life’s highs and lows with such certain and determination’ Rumbi (24). Its a notion that no matter where we are and which point of our journey we are in we focus on making it. Its the spirit that drives us through especially when we see others doing the same.

However, doesn’t it mean we have to go through a rocky road before reaching success? Not everyone’s road is a swift journey. Looking back at history, woman had to fight for their rights such as to vote. Likewise, some of us have to fight the struggle. Rumbi describes her search to finding her identity. It can be so relatable to many of us who have immigrated from our motherland.

‘I struggled with dealing with my identity as a Zimbabwean-British. I felt as though I had to be one or the other, because on one hand you feel as though you are letting go of your heritage while on the other hand, it’s as though your are refusing to integrate into your environment. Finding that balance took a while but I’m proud of who I am now. Surprisingly, going through it all I can safely say that I too am a strong, and resilient woman.’ Rumbi, 25

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We not only learn from our struggles, we learn from our teachers, mothers and grandmothers too. The people we surround ourselves with that bring positive energy. We are taught from the moment we are born how to communicate. Communicating doesn’t always have to be how we speak, but also how we bring ourselves forward. It’s a stepping stone to knowing who we are. The ‘queens’ exemplified by Serreyce (22) have brought us into this world are inked into our blood, so long as we know this we will continue to appreciate their importance.

‘For me personally my grandmother and my mother are what make me a woman from Zimbabwe from simple home training to how we carry ourselves and look after ourselves and everyone around us. Being that I live in the UK every Sunday going back home to Amais’ house for sadza nenyama, me and my mum in the kitchen cooking it up for the family. Being a woman from Zimbabwe is knowing your heritage and taking pride in your country.’ Serryece, 22

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Certainly, learning home cooked food, how to greet, speak and receive gifts surrounds the traditions that we Zimbabweans carry. It goes to show, we do take pride in our culture. Favoured by Charmaine, Sasha and Mazvita who mention the ‘value’ of it and how it enriches and strengthens ‘family values’ Mazvita (28).

‘It has taught me to be respectful and to also value others. l also inherited the best norms and values from Zimbabwe and for that I’m grateful.’ Charmaine, 24

Credit Charmaine Oputeri

For me being a woman from Zimbabwe is super important to me. I value my “hunhu” and the education and understanding of people I’ve acquired. Being from a culture that places great value in respect and honouring your elders as well as cultural traditions has made me who I am. I feel I’m more thoughtful, considerate and open to other people and their cultures because I know what it’s like to come from such a rich one. Sasha, 24

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To be a woman, mother, wife, daughter, sister and friend means the work of my hands comes from the heart so that whatever l build, wherever l may be in the world, it will stand the test of time and will be passed down generations even after l am no longer here. Mazvita, 28

In order to value what we have been given, we have to love. Love comes deep from in our hearts. As women from Zimbabwe, we take the word love as an understanding of what our country is about. Just like when we came together during a the ‘Solidarity March’ in November 2017. Its a matter of saying we want what’s best.

When I think of home I think of love because that’s what represents Zimbabwe too me , and I really try and remember that in every situation I am in good or bad. Being a humble person. Tabath, 25

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It’s amazing to see that no matter where we are, we carry out the same values. Within that comes Love, Strength and Courage. This is what defines us, as woman of Zimbabwe.

Even if you are not from Zimbabwe, you too can carry out these values. It starts from the moment we step into this world. Our values help us cross hurdles and help us grow.

My definition of Being a Woman , it changes every single day as each and every day brings new REAL  life experiences and new wisdom . Being a Black Woman in today’s world means I have to work ten times harder and scrape my way into opportunities that most people just walk into. It takes strength, an incredible amount of resilience to fight the good fight Lisa, 26

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Thank you to all who have taken time to share their accounts of being a Zimbabwean Woman. If you did’t get a chance let us know in the comments below.

What makes you a Woman of your country ?



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