#TheWritersClub: Meet Chipo Biti (@Chipobiti) – African Female Author, Poetess, Gender Activist


I’m a reader of good work. Good literature is attracted to me. I find it, when I open my twitter account. I favorite it. I bookmark it sometimes because my schedule is always hectic, but I always find time for it. If you can find time to be on Facebook, then you certainly have time for anything.

Nowadays we are almost always reading, whether it’s a Facebook update or a recipe. Why not read some of the finest authors then. The authors of our time are not necessarily writing novels. They are writing blog updates. Today I would like to give special mention to a very dedicated female writer called Chipo Biti. I have never met her but I really connect with the work she writes. She has a blessed pen and stands up for bruised women around the globe.

Her stories are very relatable and spark paradigm changing ideas daily. She definitely is working hard at her craft and has proven to be very consistent.

She writes daily. I cannot think of a week I do not get more than 5 of her new stories. I believe she may have chapters by now. Usually it’s poetry or short stories. Rarely it’s opinion. Why don’t you click through some of her links and join her wordpress blog (click here to open it)

To get acquainted with this author, pick  one title that attracts you to see for yourself.  The marvelous work she has been putting.

Before It’s Too Late

My weekend was a very special weekend – in so many ways. I won’t break down every single detail. There’s only one I want to focus on. I started reading a book on Friday evening – “The Fault In Our Stars” by John Green. It is one of the most – if not the most – beautiful books I have ever read. My heart is still reeling from it. read more

SunkenFriend(ships) – 

Gossiping. Backstabbing. Fake behaviour. Those are the ingredients for a good “friendship” nowadays. You’ll see the smiles and the laughter but behind closed doors…readmore

Stop! In The Name Of Love

Mariah unlocked the door and stopped immediately as she came face to face with her younger sister, Rochelle. Mariah sighed. She was not in the mood for an intervention from her sister.

“No Bible talk today, Rochelle,” Mariah rolled her eyes. “I’ve had a really long day.” readmore

as you may have seen already some of this titles have quite fascinating wordplay. You can follow her on twittye @Chipobiti 

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