Our Interview With Rising Hip-hop Artist: Fungai “Fun F” Paradzayi


Hi guys!! Today I took to my whatsapp to have a chat with an upcoming
rapper/producer who goes by the name of Fun_f.. Funny name for a
rapper ? Well this guy is actually fun to talk to. I spoke to him
about Zim HipHop ,his EP that he recently put out and all that.
Fungayi Paradzayi aka Fun_f is studying Marketing  at Bindura
University of Science Education.

Check out the whatsapp interview below.
FF- Fun_f

S: Mr Man
What’s good
I wanna interview you for a certain article I’m writing…

FF : Yeah Yeah bro , its all good ,what it’s like?

S: First things first.   Who is Fun F?

FF: Ye , Fun f is jus a young ambitious guy who loves making music man
Birth name Fungai Paradzayi , incase you did’nt know haha
Born in the capital Harare , but grew up in Chi-town, and thats where
an based right now, yeah …

S: Great stuff.. Chitown has been known to churn out a lot of great
musicians . So what does Fun F do ?

FF: Yeah man , some of the great catz in the game right now came outta
Chi – the town gat talent believe me
Musically l rap and l produce too

S: Word ??
Multi talented I see.  So in a generation that has more rappers than
makombi at CopaCabana, what sets you apart from every rapper that’s
making music in Zimbabwe ?

FF: First of all , the fact that am me makes me diffrent from all others…
And l take my time in makin sure that am satisfied with my works,
power moves only know how it is

S: Power moves only!! Nice quote Fun!
So this is the question that I’m going to be asking every rapper that
I interview ..okay… What do you think about the current state of
Zimbabwean HipHop?
FF : Its growing , believe me man just a matter of time before we get
to the state where we want it to be

S : And where is that ?

FF : A state  where everyone in the country appreciate the genre,
promoters promiting the young talent with no discrimination, somethin
like that, yeah

S: Is there anything that you would like to see change in order for
that state to be achieved ?

FF : Mos def , not change in actual fact but more like an improvement,
and that will be fair airplay in terms of hiphop. Only certain
programs are set aside to promote the genre, but we need more man,
play hiphop anytime Mr Dj dont jus wait for “the school of hiphop” and
the likes , get the picture ?

S: I get the picture like you handed me a Kodak strip. So what does
Fun F have to offer to ZimHipHop ? Tell me something about the stuff
that you did

FF : Fun f is only here to provide a diffrent sound to ZimHipHop.
I jus released an EP in collaboration with my friend/brother from
another mother Nudeflame titled “Back To Life IIE(Inspiration Is
Everywhere)” recorded and  produced at GRecords, mixed n mastered by
Klassiq. Doin’ good so far , numbers lookin fine ,yeah
Its my debut
And for Flame too

S : First offering.   You must have worked hard for this huh

FF :Yeah man, the journey to IIE has not been in any way friendly, but
we worked so hard bro

S: Inspiration is Everywhere right ? What is the story, if any,
behind that name or concept ?

FF: No story as such but more of an obsevation, “Inspiration Is
Everywhere” jus tryna let out the word that everythin we do,
everywhere we at you can find some inspiration, don’t run out of ideas
when you stuck, you can make something out of the situation~ therefore
Inspiration Is Everywhere

S : Rappers learn something !! Inspiration is all over ,forget
writer’s block… IF you write, that is..

Mr Fun, it has been fun.. Excuse the pun… Haha

What can you say to hiphop fans , rappers, producers, every body out
there ? As a last word

FF : All l can say to the world is let’s support our local guys , and
artists lets support each other, that’s the only way we can make it.
Rappers lets pay these producers if you want your work to be “good”

S : Haha you just had to put “good” in quotes..!
Fun F though!! Haha!

FF : And people out there please don’t  discriminate our hiphop guys
aight ? Support local hiphop …
Hahaha , yeah man and expect some solo Fun_f comin out before year end right ,
Thanks man.

S :Before year end ? Will be on the lookout for that one. No date yet ?

FF : No date yet haha !!!

S: We shall be waiting on that one. Thanks for your time  Fun F. Peace brother.

(I gotta thank whoever invented this chat client ..This guy Fun_f is
at Bindura University of Science Education and I’m c hilling in my one
room apartment and here we are.. Discussing this guy’s work. Amazing

You can check out Fun_f and Nude Flame’s joint EP here –>>

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