10 Things You May Not Know About Fun F


Fun F is a young upcoming rapper, we’ve come accross 10 things you may have not known about him. These were left out in the first interview he had with Sharky (read it here).

1)      During my 20 years of breathing I only stayed in Harare and Chitungwiza. I’m ashamed to say this though, I’ve never been to the rural areas (KuMusha) and I don’t even know why hahaha hard to believe haa ?

2)      I listen to more of Dance music or electronic music than l do hip hop. The likes of guys like Avicii, Zedd, Deadmou5e etc yep, l do like their productions.  Expect to find 90% of Electro in my music playlists and the remaining 10% for hip hop and other music, oh almost forgot, and some Taylor swift too haha

3)      I only started making Hip hop music in 2007. I used to write poems back then so adapting to rap wasn’t that hard. My first official production was featured in my debut Ep (2013), and also was air played on various radio stations. You might have heard of a track called “Living Lavish” yep, that was my first production.

4)      Two food stuffs am mad about are Peacan Nuts and Mangos (Mabhuru Mangos)- especially the unripe ones, l will be eating them with salt haha and at this time of the season am having one hell of a tiiiiiiiiiiiiiiime …

5)      I never drink before going on stage to peform.I wanna be real and raw,  I don’t wanna blame the beer for mistakes or credit it for the success of the show. When it comes to recording now, “sometimes” l drink before recording, not all times but sometimes

6)      I got an “A” grade in History at Ordinary level not because l knew a lot of history content but because l used to rearrange the few notes l knw, make them rhyme and recorded them making them hiphop songs haha, and by doing that, l never forgot them

7)      I gat a thing for Trae Yung kkkk

8)      I’ve never been a part of any rap group like most yall think l been part of 4beatz, nahhhh these are only my closest guys. I’m a part of Nation Music tho and it’s not a group, that’s my stable and my management guys.

9)      I don’t wear skinny pants and all those snap backs and what what, am just a simple hiphoper tryin to stay true to my cultural value. No pants’ sagging no tattoos no image potrayin. Fun_f is just the same guy as Fungai Paradzayi, no big difference.

10)   The first person to listen to the IIE Ep was my mom, after the producer of cause, and she insisted on buying it when l wanted to give it to her for free haha. She was also the first person to check out #HeartsIn to be released in December and she liking it, such a parent. AND I love all of you for the support and the love you’ve shown for me and my team #Nation Music, Big Shout to G Records ! ! ! !

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