CST Makakwana Here : Compliments vs Criticism


CST is well known around my social media circle for provocative writtens. Just got his track “Makakwana Here” (Are You Sane), finally I’ve heard him spit and here are my compliments and criticism.

The song begins with a cheezy mention of the record label he runs with. It’s by a female with a rather sloppy accent in my opinion, it either must be redone or scrapped off, his features must bring their A Game because he certainly brought his. The chorus is hilarious, quite unusual plus the title in itself is a humour title. However the guy on the chorus used autotune which messed with the chorus and inclined it to a somewhat urban groove like sound. The motive of this review is not to strangle CST by the way but for the benefit of Zimbawean Hiphop . Autotune if used should be used sparingly… CST is hiphop and should not ever compromise his sound like that. Overrally the chorus is hilarious though.

Now let’s go to the bars. I enjoyed the bars and metaphors. Even including name drops like Polikem, CST’s delivery is as dope as his writing no doubt. As far as I’m concerned the so called “Facebook Rappers” are as dope as the writtens they paste in RTL. However I think he took the hook for granted because he knew he’d kill the verses. I urge him to take down what I’ve said here. The beat is quite okay, the producer must love his drum. We have a strong drum coming in there. Then there’s also a few bars by a girl called Mimi. Similar to intro voice, but this time more creative.

I love good music and CST has been putting in work, however he should not take it for granted and demand A- game from featuring artists. Now don’t be scared to download this track, it has strong punchlines that you want to keep rewinding or quoting next time you wanna sound cool. Go and get Makakwana and the rest of his songs on its free:

His Reverbnation Page

Like the Zimlink page Here


  1. cst akadhakwa or its the production but pafair he cool dude on facebook n ol but the flow rakaneta as far as am concerned lets not sugar quote it..


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