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Poetry Bulawayo is one of the blogs that has been promoting and uplifting poetry from 2009. They have managed to create an organized and consistent portfolio online, getting contribution from various poets who needed a space to express their thoughts to an online audience.

The blog is part of the publishing branch of Poetry Bulawayo which is an arts organisation that promotes poetry through events, workshops and publishing. Poetry Bulawayo was formed in 2009 by Mgcini Nyoni and the blog has been running since then. They published a poetry anthology called Daybreak in 2010, but due to financial constraints only managed to print a few copies.

“Our flagship event has been Poetry Potpourri, which we used to have at Amal restaurant at BAC before it shut down. The blog is now an international site with poets from America, Australia, Sychelles, Canada etc having been published there,” – Mgcini Nyoni told me when I asked him on Facebook.

Poetry never grows old so if you’re new to thaeir blog or movement you can always visit their blog and read all that creativity you missed out on. There are so many poetry mines in this age and we thank them for keeping this culture alive. If you are a writer you can submit to them. You will find the guidelines on their blog. –

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