Status Quo Of A Black Mind (poem) by Rumbidzayi P. Gwabanayi


Rumbidzai’s free-mind glides through the mindset of a Black man in a thought provoking way, this is a black consciousness piece that will be loved and hated for the same reasons #RealityPoetry

I sit in blood tears,
Every day – as I see,
Every sense of Africanness
Trodden upon
By fellow Africans.

I wonder what plays in their minds?
Because what it is now
Is a shameful scenario.

Are we back to slave trade?
Am black, am African
And proud!

What puzzles me
Is the way my fellow men
Would rather serve a white man
Smiling and frown at a black brother?

Better than your own skin
When a black man walks in,
He is branded and followed like A THIEF!!!!!
Are we still colonized or
The white man has that influence on people???

© Rumbidzayi P. Gwabanayi 2013

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