I Have loved You by Anna T Gowera



I have loved you with my inner me

And that seems to have become my enemy

I have named you my friend that is more

And that allows my heart to be sore

I have loved you with all that is me

My thoughts

My soul

The very essence of me

I have loved you with my inner me

And love has become my enemy

You, I say, have loved me too

Brought the sunshine when I was blue

Skilfully captured rays in your pocket

Gently massaging my very eye socket

I have loved till I physically ached

In yearn and want and deep longing for you

I have craved your touch

I have been parched ground

Cracked and thirsty

Bleeding for you

We have danced together

On the moon have we pranced!

And nibbled on clouds

Sharing whispers sultry and melodies loud

As our very cores were intertwined

I have held your hand

As you held mine

I have loved you

Till I was black and blue

I have loved you, my love, with my inner me

And now love could well be

My enemy

©Anna T. D. Gowera


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