1167819_10201618005268916_2028710851_nThey sold use the story of civilization and modernization we embraced it   but at what cost? Ask any anthropologist who has studied culture from different parts of the world, they would tell you without a doubt that people who still live what we term primitive lives live life’s that are happy and satisfied. Those who live life’s of the Modern world are ever wanting more, live life’s of wanting to be seen , though they are not happy. “MHI measure of happy index is what anthropologist use measures which countries are truly happy, and most of the truly happy people in the world have been found in primitive communities.

We that embraced moderationare faced with chasing the wind, and with talks and ideas that 10 year old kids should be given condoms and family planning pills.  Yes I believe the 1st world countries have already implemented these type of projects to prevent HIV and AIDS spread and unwanted pregnancy, to some extant these projects have worked for them.

Though as a nation as Zimbabweans are we to follow suit again just because they are the ones that are on the top “1st world  countries” or can’t we find other ways to  strategically  help the  generation of today.  For yes the reality is many kids of today are now sexuallyactive, but have the children’s groups andhealth organisationsexulted all possible ways to help our kids that they resort to follow suit to the western ways.

We no longer are limited by lack of knowledge that we simple follow suit. This is a plea to the mother, father, and teacher and as a nation we say kids of today are fast but we are the ones whomould and groom them to be the kids they turn out to be.  One off the terms used in anthropology is enculturation which means that every individual learns from the people around them by studying and watching what the community is doing and then these individuals grow up with a holistic view that they got from their surroundings.

Thus our kids who are nowsexually active we must look at the nation as a whole what have we surrounded our kids with, what views and believes do they see us living by.Who influences us as our role models also influences the kids.

Its time as a nation to evaluate our actions and moral standards beforewe can tryhelp the kids,whether by giving them condoms or by any other means.  Though still to say they are already doing it so rather we just give them condoms  and push safe sex to 10 year olds seems as though we as a nation, we have crossed a line that we can never come back from .

By Carol Marufu


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